Active & Solidarity Challenge

To mobilise and unite during the health crisis

Get actively involved in 2021 !

To support everyone who mobilised in the fight against COVID-19 during 2020, the Actifs & Solidaires Challenge in partnership with the “Fondation de France” is more relevant than ever for this year 2021!
Mobilise your community in a fun and collaborative Challenge and actively support our everyday heroes!

The themes of the Challenge

Sport & Physical Activity

Well-being & relaxation

Feeling good about yourself

Move to music, feeling « zen »

Some examples of Challenges


Move to the music! Take more than 6,000 steps every day


Get your paintbrushes out! Drawing, decoration, writing, origami, painting… show your creativity!


A balanced diet. Place a package of pasta on your back and do a push-up without dropping it!



What is the most powerful muscle in the human body?

Best time of year to launch ?


  • Beginning of the year

Are you interested in this Challenge?
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