AFM Telethon

Contribute to the fight against rare diseases

All together with the 2021 Telethon !

For 30 years, AFM Téléthon has been involved in the fight against rare genetic diseases. Now more than ever, a medical revolution is underway! The driving force behind these victories? Determination, courage and strength.
Offer your teams the opportunity to take up this Challenge in support of patients and their families!


The themes of the Challenge

Overcome disease!

Do you know everything about your muscles ?

Innovative therapies

A unique and powerful challenge!


Some examples of Challenges


The researchers are busy, too! Take 3500 steps per day


Show us your artistic talents! Share with us your best message of hope in a drawing.



Sing one of the 2021 presenter’s songs.


How many people are affected by genetic diseases today in France ?

Best time of year to launch ?


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