Championship Football Challenge

Support your team and create excitement during the competition

Live the rythm of champions !

Every 4 years, Europe holds its breath for 1 month and vibrates to the rhythm of the most beautiful matches of the top Nations of European football. This year, give your community the unique opportunity to re-live moments of history while participating in an immersive Round Ball Challenge during the competition. No fan zone for this edition but a 100% digital and personalized competition for your community … so, are you ready to wake up the fans who lie dormant in them?

The themes of the Challenge


Predictions galore

2020 matches

Football challenges


Some examples of Challenges


One turn of the stadium is equivalent to 600 steps. Capable of making 10 laps of the stadium in honor of your favorite team? Take 6,000 steps per day



Take a picture of yourself wearing your favorite team jersey.



5 juggles in a row, will you be able to do it?



Which legendary player couldn’t finish the final of the last competition in 2016?


Over what time period to deploy it ?

Summer 2021

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