Connected Race

Get your community moving

Organize the connected race accessible to all !

Have you always dreamed of organizing a healthy, fun and accessible competition? This is now possible with the OuiLive Connected Race Challenge! For 1 week to 1 month, get your community involved in a Connected Mobility Challenge: each step and each km traveled will be valued through an individual or team ranking which will offer you an immersive and adapted way to reward the most motivated! Whether in trainters or in heels, everyone will have a chance!


The themes of the Challenge

Move, it’s healthy!


Feeling good about yourself, feeling good about your body


Moving to the rhythm


Moving for the future


Some examples of Challenges


Get ahead of the pack! Take 5,000 steps a day



Take a picture of yourself during your run in your running gear!



Mimic a revisited Marathon race in less than a minute!



Why is the distance of a marathon 42.195 km?


Over what time period to deploy it ?


Are you interested in this Challenge?
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