START Challenges

Customise the whole experience to suit your needs.
Are you looking to develop your community members? Strengthen your human links with a zest of competition in a healthy, interactive and positive atmosphere? All this on an application that reflects your organisation.
START Challenges are for you!
Creative challenges, interactive quizzes, physical activities… you choose the programme to unite your community. As a bonus, you can also add a CSR impact to give meaning to your actions. Or determine engaging rewards to reward participants.
Let’s get started.
It’s up to you.


your community

Remove boundaries and gather your community around a common objective.


your experience

Contents and quizzes, solidarity challenges, sport and creative challenges, custom rewards and colors… Plunge the participants into your universe and atmosphere!


Give a meaning to
your action

Foster social ties, impulse changes, gather behind a strong message: your challenge, your impact.

Together, act on the world.
It’s your turn to play.

You wish to create your own challenge?

Contact us.