Equal Opportunity

Relay a universal message of fairness

Side by side on the start line !

No one should feel left out, no one should start life with a “penalty”. And yet ? Inequality is pervasive in all strata of society. Socially, At school, As a Citizen or Salaries, the fight for equality must be active on all fronts to effect concrete and lasting change. By involving your community in this Social and Solidarity Challenge, you will be participating in this programme in a fun, collective and educational way !


The themes of the Challenge

The professional discovery internship

Strengthening the University-Company link

The impact and societal role of the Company

Facilitating the professional integration of disadvantaged young people


Combating school drop-outs


Some examples of Challenges


In memory of your childhood journeys to school on foot, complete 5km during the day !


Take a photo of a place that inspires you when it comes to equality.



Send us a video of your best shared moment.



Which sector employs the most young people under 21 ?


Over what time period to deploy it ?


  • International Education Day


  • International day for women’s rights
  • School social and solidarity economy week


  • World Day for Safety and Health at Work


  • Fair trade fortnight


  • World Day for Eradication of Poverty
  • World Environment Day


  • European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities
  • Solidarity Festival


  • International Day of Human Solidarity

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