Our solution

Stimulate your community with a simple, interactive and accessible tool. Wherever you want, whenever you want.


+ A free mobile app available for download on iOS or Android. + A personalised interface accessible during your challenge. + A unique access code for your entire community. + A simple registration procedure adapted to your audience.


+ A stage system to pace your challenge and keep motivation high.
+ Each step has its own theme and daily challenges, both individual and collective.
+ A built-in tracker gets participants moving for their health and stimulates competition.
+ Original content and thematic quizzes raise awareness of your community in both a fun and interactive way.
+ Photo and video challenges invite participants to collaborate by carrying out practical and creative actions.
+ A news feed creates interaction between members and animates the challenge.
+ Team challenge, coach-led training sessions, international deployment … Premium options allow you to enhance your challenge.


+ A Challenge Manager is dedicated to your project before, during and after the challenge in order to optimise commitement.

+ A turnkey communication kit allows you to activate your challenge and easily run it.

+ Individual, collective and/or solidarity  rewards stimulate every challenger and provide a concrete impact to your event.



Initial contact with OuiLive


Define the format of your Challenge (dates, number of people, customisation) with your Challenge manager


Distribute the ready-made Communication Kit to invite participants to register


Connect to the Challenge on your personalised interface of the app with your unique code


Go Live !

Your need, your Challenge

Engage your community in the biggest
Inter-Company Challenges of the year

Create your tailor-made Challenge
quickly and easily



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