let’s build an impactful society.

OuiLive is not only a connected Challenges app
It is first and foremost a project born from a deep desire
Work towards a connected, humane, inclusive society


Connect to recreate human bonds
YES to opening to others
YES to a positive use of new technologies
YES to the power of a connected, caring world


Move to improve our well-being
YES to pushing forward to improve ourselves
YES to positive, healthy emulation
YES to the extraordinary benefits of physical activity


Engage to improve our environment
YES to an inclusive society where everybody has a role to play
YES to the togetherness we need to overcome our environmental and society issues
YES to a more responsible and considerate world

Let’s live focusing more on our feelings, on the others, on our environment 

This is why we wake up every day to grow OuiLive 

Let’s make it happen together, with our employees, our users, our customers and suppliers, our partners, with you 

Olivier & Augustin

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