Save the bees Challenge !

Bzzzz… Get involved for the bees

All together to save the bees !

If we see them disappear from our planet, humans will only have 4 years left to live. Terre d’Abeilles and OuiLive have partnered together to offer you the Save the bees Challenge !

Discover colleague’s photos and interactive quizzes… Join us and play to preserve biodiversity. This challenge has a positive and immediate impact (example: 1 step taken = 1 bee saved).




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Since 2002, Terre d’Abeilles has worked for the sustainable protection of bees and other wild pollinating insects. The goal is to put an end to the clearly identified causes of pollinator decline. It lobbies French and European decision-makers, whilst raising awareness and educating the general public.

« Together, let’s protect our health, and our environment … Let’s save bees and other pollinating insects! » Béatrice Robrolle, President of Terre d’Abeilles.




Your Challenge, your bees

Raising awareness in your community is great. Sponsoring your own beehive is even better! Thanks to the Save the bees Challenge, make your beehive your own and take care of your own bees on a daily basis thanks to the Terre d’Abeilles teams.
Bonus: collect your personalized honeypots 🍯 at the end of the Challenge and enjoy them with your community.





The themes of the Challenge





Some examples of Challenges


You are not asked to travel the daily 10 kms of a bee; simply start by walking 5,000 steps today and save 5,000 bees!


Treat the bee in you: share a photo of a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a blossoming tree!


What about you? What is your favourite little honey habit? Share your favourite use on video: a recipe, a hair mask, just a spoon in your tea …


When did Bees appear on Earth…?

1 million years
10 million years
100 million years

Over what time period to deploy it ?



  • May 20: World Bee Day
  • June: World Environment Day
  • September-October: Sustainable development week

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