Sustainable World

Become aware of the Challenges related to Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development (SDGs) : it’s our speciality !

Building a sustainable world is a fundamental concern on a planetary scale. Everyone, at their own level, can act and get involved in this priority project to preserve, protect and strengthen our planet. Together, let’s become aware of the issues and support development in this immersive Challenge across the world of Sustainable Development.


The themes of the Challenge

“Zero” hunger objective

Access to water for all !

Renewable “clean” energies

Live well, in good health!


Some examples of Challenges


Eat well but also move well to preserve your health. Take 8,000 steps today


Soon self-sufficient? In your garden or on your windowsill, send us a photo of your new food plantation!



The rule: cook local and seasonal. Share your cooking skills and film yourself in the kitchen !



What percentage of the world’s population has access to safe drinking water ?


Over what time period top deploy it ?


  • World Wetlands Day


  • World Wildlife Day
  • World recycling day
  • International Day of the Forest


  • Earth Day


  • World Endangered Species Day
  • World Biodiversity Day
  • Nature festival
  • European Parks Day


  • European Sustainable Development Week
  • World Environment Day

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