Walk to see

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Get involved in the fight against blindness

Today, nearly 2 million people have visual disabilities in France. Every day, our researchers design new solutions to make the lives and daily lives of these visually impaired and blind children and adults easier. The Institut de la Vision is the  world’s leading research center for eye diseases. We invite companies and their employees to take up the challenge with us by participating in the “Walk to see” challenge. An act of solidarity that creates cohesion and morivation for your teams. By joining the #Walk to See challenge, you are fighting with us against blindness to restore life and access to a better life for the visually impaired.

The themes of the Challenge

The eye, that incredible organ!


Live my life!


Be careful with your eyes!


Vision of tomorrow


Behind the scenes at the Vision Institute


Some examples of Challenges


Encourage research! Take more than 2000 steps every day!


Sight is precious: take the time to look around and take the best photo ever!



Record your best slogan to support eye disease research!



What is the percentage of visually impaired unemployed?


Over what time period to deploy it ?


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