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The year 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the creation of Doctors without Borders. On this occasion, this 100% connected, 100% committed Challenge offers you an unprecedented opportunity to mobilize members of your community wherever they are by bringing your solidarity commitments to life.

The themes of the Challenge

Do you know Doctors without Borders ?

Responding to natural disaster emergencies

Containing epidemics: a real challenge

Providing assistance to victims of conflict

Acting for those excluded from healthcare

Some examples of Challenges


Our teams sometimes go to isolated and remote areas to vaccinate children. Do your part of the road by taking 8,000 steps


“In red and black” Doctors without Borders is recognizable in particular by its colors: red, black, gray & white. Send a photo of your best outfit in Doctors without Borders colors!



Doctors without Borders is an international organization! Translate “Doctors without Borders” into 10 languages ​​and send us your video.



Doctors without Borders operates in approximately: 120 countries / 70 countries / 35 countries / 10 countries


Over what time period to deploy it ?


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