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Transform the daily life of your business with OuiLive.

Leading businesses are using OuiLive to revolutionize their employee experience. Follow the example of Alpine, which federates its teams internationally, or Pernod Ricard, which has completely redesigned its employee experience thanks to our solutions.

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Your turn?

OuiLive animates, federates and motivates your teams thanks to a unique methodology: the connected challenge.

Exclusive contents

For challenges that reflect your image

Enter your access code and dive into the world of your Challenge, sequenced in several steps.

Gamification at your fingertips

To meet all your animation needs.

Quizzes, polls, photos & videos, pedometer, bike, bike, forecasts, events... For each Challenge, choose the challenges adapted to your goals.

Interactive spaces

To create links and strengthen cohesion

Real-time rankings, team chat, social news feed... The cocktail of healthy and fun competition!

Varied game modes

To engage all your audiences

Team systems, inter-company mode, international deployment, flexible duration... Formats that evolve according to the audience concerned and the theme addressed.

The dashboard, your business experts' best friend

To give your employees a great adventure, everything starts with the dashboard. Dedicated to project teams, it will allow you to design and manage each challenge.

-> A design interface to personalize your challenges partially or in full: it's up to you!

-> A management interface to access all your data and reports in real time (participation, surveys, generated content, etc.): get to know your employees and build challenges that will generate even more engagement!

A mobile app to challenge your teams

Discover our mobile application, in your colors, accessible on all smartphones.

To join your Challenges Space:

-> Download OuiLive for free on your store

-> Enter your company code

-> Create your profile and off you go!

Your teams can now participate in various challenges: quizzes, polls, photo and video challenges, pedometer, bike, forecasts, events. Choose from our catalog of +200 turnkey themes and build the challenge that suits you.

Fun & interactive features

Educational content. Articles, videos, PDFs.

Quiz. Training, awareness, general knowledge.

Surveys. Idea box, barometer.

Photos/Videos. Creativity, cohesion, team-building.

Pedometer. Well-being, QWL, sport.

Rankings. Individuals, teams.

Social wall. Photos, videos, likes, comments.

News feed. Contents, articles, links.

Predictions. Animation, entertainment, major events

Profile. Information, progress.

Cat. Interactions, texts, photos, videos.

Our Challenge Managers: the guarantee of your success

Although our solutions are digital, our support is very human! As soon as your platform is activated and at each stage of the deployment of your challenges, your Challenge Manager is at your side.

Together, you define the highlights that will punctuate your year and validate an animation schedule.

Your Challenge Manager helps you choose your themes and modules to meet your needs as much as possible and imagine original challenges that will make your teams happy.

Your turn?

+200 businesses have already taken the opportunity with OuiLive. Join them.

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