Fight for Lives

Get involved in the fight against all cancers

Acting together for cancer research

Recognized in the public interest, the ARC Foundation is 100% dedicated to cancer research. Thanks to the generosity of its donors, it allocates more than 26 million euros each year to research projects that bring hope to patients. This year, join the movement and involve your community in a role playing challenge based on sport (with Suzy, a young researcher engaged in the Rose Triathlon) and research (with its leader, Sergei, who remained in the laboratory). The goal? Support research by participating in a collective digital triathlon, fun and full of nice surprises.

The themes of the Challenge

Suzy’s Challenge

The Researcher’s Mission


Solidarity and Reactives


Some examples of Challenges


Give teams energy by taking 8,000 steps per day


Take a picture of your athletic outfit



Mimic a revisited Triathlon in less than a minute!



Why is cancer compared to a crab?


Over what time period to deploy it ?


  • Pink October


  • Movember

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