Our solution

Create a unique and collaborative human link on a 100% personalized mobile application
Use games as an extraordinary
vehicle for pedagogy, mobilization
and action
Generate a spontaneous and measurable commitment to achieve your goals

For Challenges with your image.

Enter your access code and dive in
in the universe of your Challenge,
sequenced in several steps.

Step 1 of the OuiLive application
Step 2 of the OuiLive application

Modular mini-games

To meet all your needs.

Pedometer, photos & videos, quizzes, polls, prognoses… For each Challenge, choose the challenges adapted to your objectives.

Interactive spaces

To create links and strengthen cohesion.

Real-time rankings, team chat, social news feed…
The cocktail of a healthy and fun competition!

Step 3 of the OuiLive application
Engage your audiences with elastic play modes

Elastic play modes

To engage all your audiences

Team systems, international deployment, temporality… Formats that evolve according to the audience concerned.

A turnkey solution

Mobile application with your colors,
accessible on all smartphones.

To join your Challenges Area :

  • Download OuiLive for free on your store
  • Enter your company code
  • Create your profile and let’s go!
Compatible pedometers:
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Presentation of the connected challenges application, OuiLive

Challenge your company’s teams with OuiLive.