OuiLive Team

OuiLive is fist and foremost a young team of entrepreneurs full of desire and creativity to develop the start-up. From the first meeting with our customers, to the development of lines of code to obtain the Challenge best suited you needs, we happily accompany you troughout the entire OuiLive experience.

Each with their own expertise, professionalism and smile. All together to make OuiLive grow.

Olivier Houyvet


Augustin Bernard

General Manager

Antoine Delport


François Coucke

Product Manager

Xavier Pichelin

Head of Marketing

Manon Evrat

Sales Manager

Inés Gauvrit

Sales Manager

Jérôme Tieng

Business Developer

Benoît Bombonel

 Junior Developer

Anthony Blaublomme

Growth Hacker

Joshua Prynn-Petit

Business Developer

Leïla Cachot

Graphic & Artistic Producer

Judith Poulvelarie


Tracy Zumbu


Would you like to join us?
Send us your application to recrutement@ouilive.co