Active & Solidarity Challenge

To mobilise and unite during the health crisis

Get actively involved in 2021 !

To support everyone who mobilised in the fight against COVID-19 during 2020, the Actifs & Solidaires Challenge in partnership with the “Fondation de France” is more relevant than ever for this year 2021!
Mobilise your community in a fun and collaborative Challenge and actively support our everyday heroes!

The themes of the Challenge

Sport & Physical Activity

Well-being & relaxation

Feeling good about yourself

Move to music, feeling “zen”

Some examples of Challenges


Move to the music! Take more than 6,000 steps every day


Get your paintbrushes out! Drawing, decoration, writing, origami, painting… show your creativity!


A balanced diet. Place a package of pasta on your back and do a push-up without dropping it!



What is the most powerful muscle in the human body?

Best time of year to launch ?


  • Beginning of the year

Are you interested in this Challenge?
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