Together with our Impact Partners

Acting positively, concretely and now.

Based on the Donut Theory of the English economist Kate Raworth, OuiLive acts on a daily basis with its Impact Partners: within your organisations for a human impact that generates happiness, and in the world for a societal and/or environmental impact that is essential for inclusive and sustainable development. 

They support us in their field of activity, with their expertise, their smiles, their positive energy and their will to make a difference.

Our Impact partners

With them, you’ll have fun moving, creating and understanding within the OuiLive app, and you’ll promote personal and collective happiness within your organisation. 

With them, your sporting achievements and creative works are transformed into real action with an immediate and positive impact. You reinforce the sense of purpose and pride of your community. 

Check out our Impact Partners and their OuiLive Challenge ! 

Terre d’Abeilles

Bzzzz…. Since 2002, Terre d’Abeilles has been working for the sustainable protection of bees and other wild pollinating insects. Founded by Béatrice Robrolle in 2002, the organisation works to stop the clearly identified causes of pollinator decline. It carries out advocacy actions with French and European decision-makers, and awareness-raising and animation actions with the wider public.

A word from Béatrice Robrolle – Founder of the association :
“The environmental and health causes to defend are numerous and a priority, and the initiatives supporting the preservation of the common good and respect for life are precious and worthy. Faced with private interest lobbying and political orientations aimed at stifling counter-powers, whistleblowers also need support more than ever. Terre d’Abeilles welcomes the commitment of the younger generation to this cause.”

Médecin Sans Frontières

With the 50 years Challenge… take action! Make a real commitment to Doctors Without Borders, an international medical humanitarian association recognised as being of public utility and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999. Financed 99% by private funds, the association needs you more than ever !

A word from Clémence Lauras – Development of corporate partnerships :

We wanted to find a way to involve companies in the 5th anniversary of Médecins Sans Frontières, while at the same time responding to their social and environmental responsibility issues. This is how the idea came about, with the OuiLive team, to create the “50 years… Action! “. For our partners, this challenge is a great way to combine their sponsorship commitments with actions in favour of the well-being and health of their employees. Collectively, employees can give our teams the means to act in the field, with those whose life or health is threatened !

logo médecin sans frontières
logo médecin sans frontières


Created in 2007 by Stéphane Hallaire, Resforest’Action works to preserve, strengthen and create biodiverse forests. The 20-person team selects, supports and ensures the quality of forestry projects in France and around the world.


Train Me

TrainMe is a community platform for booking sports lessons. Their mission is to make it easier to find sports lessons and to provide clear information on what sports coaches have to offer. Their aim is to simplify the booking process, so that a sports lesson is as easy to book as going to a restaurant.

A word from Gatien Letartre – CEO : 

TrainMe Corporate wanted to partner with OuiLive to create offers that promote physical activity and well-being in the workplace. In a context where ways of working are changing, the partnership meets a real need for companies that want to promote quality of life at work.

We wanted to combine our expertise in running sports and well-being sessions with their know-how in creating connected challenges.

And finally, the shared values, particularly on the social and solidarity impact, have favoured the establishment of this partnership.

logo médecin sans frontières
Logo Dream act

Dream ACT

Dream Act is the responsible consumption e-shop offering eco-friendly, sustainable and fair alternatives to everyday consumer goods. Dream Act’s mission is to popularise responsible consumption, which is essential for our future!

A word from Claire Chouraqui – Co-Founder : 

“At Dream Act, we love challenges and particularly the challenge of changing our consumption habits for a more ethical and greener world. So obviously, we love the concept of OuiLive, which allows you to change your habits by taking up challenges!”