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The Inter-Company Challenge of European Sustainable Development Week 2021

Event from September 27 to October 8, 2021

Act together to restore the marine ecosystem

1 company registered = 5 corals planted
The winners will fund coral reefs

Back to school, all united for the protection of the ocean !

Now is the time to prepare for the start of the school year with a unifying event around the objectives of sustainable development. Mobilise your teams around a new, fun, and interactive Challenge, and try to become the 1st champion of the 2021 ESDW Challenge.

Each registered company will make a concrete commitment to the restoration of the marine ecosystem with a long-term, positive, and immediate impact.

unite their expertise to offer you an unprecedented action towards the ocean and our barrier reefs!

Inter-Business Connected Challenge of ESDW 2021

Two weeks of mobilisation

From September 27 to October 8, 2021, two weeks of Challenge between employees

Mobilise your community

Concrete actions to protect the ocans, eco-friendly challenges, video workshops with experts and much more !

Solidarity commitment

A participatory CSR approach that can be activated together

Why do this Challenge ?

The benefits

A 100% CSR and committed Challenge :
Funding for a coral reef restoration project upon registration

With various activities offered, rendezvous for hilarious and exciting team building exercises

Raise your employee’s awareness about sustainable consumption, eco-friendly actions, and many other themes through a fun and immersive experience

A fun and 100% connected application


All in 1 : one application, a turnkey solution

    • From the OuiLive application, join your company team
    • Connected pedometer for the step challenge
    • Live registration for workshops and workshops, via Webinar Jam


    + An internal communication kit
    Défi marche

    Connected walk

    keep moving with a step challenge

    Défi photo

    Photo Challenge

    Have fun sharing your best shots

    Défi vidéo

    Video Challenge

    Show your creativity with quality videos

    Défi quiz

    Quiz Challenge

    Raise awareness with fun and informative quizzes

    How does it work ?

    The Challenge


    • 4 stages = 4 themes : soft mobility, do it yourself, eco-friendly actions, and ocean protection
    • Quizzes, a step challenge, photo and video challenges open to all !



    • Participatory Do it Yourself workshops (cosmetics, household products)
    • Awareness sessions (0 plastic, sustainable mobility)
    • Workshops led by experts to acculturate as many people as possible
    Les ateliers durables

    Restoration of coral reefs


    • Support marine restoration by planting corals
    • Make a concrete commitment to the environment and your teams during ESDW 2021 !
    • Improve your company’s CSR approach
    Logo de l'association Coral Guardian

    To help animate

    Every day, innovative and interactive CSR workshops around key themes for sensitize your employees with specialized speakers

    1 working day = 1 workshop

    What happens to our waste ?

    Go behind the scenes of recycling

    Zero waste / zero plastic objective

    Discovering alternatives

    Do It Yourself Workshop

    Create your products to purify your home

    Food waste

    Adopt the right recipes

    Digital pollution

    On / off on digital ecology

    Les ateliers durables
    Les ateliers durables

    Responsible consumption

    The good guys and the bad guys

    Green organisation

    Work better, consume less

    Do it Yourself Workshop

    Create your healthy cosmetics (deodorant, toothpaste)

    Sustainable/soft mobility

    Take the right turn

    Energy saving

    Better control your consumption

    What rewards ? What impact ?

    Coral reefs are home to more than 25% of these marine species.
    AND YET… 40% of coral reefs and mangroves have disappeared over the past 40 years.

     ENGAGE your company with us to protect the oceans, with Coral Guardian


    © Coral Guardian

    Each registered company
    = 5 corals planted

    A concrete and immediate impact

    The three best teams of each ranking (average of points, cumulative of points)
    = 1 custom coral reef

    About Coral Guardian

    Engaging with Coral Guardian means being part of a useful, sustainable, and impactful project.


    ”40% of coral reefs have already disappeared due to human activities and global warming. “

    Logo de l'association Coral Guardian


    million people depend on coral ecosystems



    of CO2 emissions are absorbed by the oceans, corals are essential in the balance of the oceans.


    Coral reefs protect the coasts of more than 100 countries.



    of marine biodiversity occupies coral reefs.


    The benefit of coral reefs worldwide is estimated at nearly $ 29.8 billion per year.

    Are you interested in the ESDW 2021 Challenge ?
    Contact us for a quick set-up !